Sno. Description Date
1 E-filling of Income Tax Act, Central Excise Act and Customs Act cases. 24.12.2016
2 Notification dated 07.12.2016 for transfer of Company Cases. 20.12.2016
3 Request to take delivery of certified copies prepared during the year 2013, 2014, 2015 and also in the year 2016. 09.12.2016
4 Advocates are requested to submit visible photographs revealing true identity of petitioners. 04.10.2016
5 Notification regarding Court working days on 03.12.2016 and 17.12.2016. 16.09.2016
6 Notice regarding Constitution of Commercial Courts, Commercial Division and Commercial Appellate Division. 06.09.2016
7 Notice regarding "Court Fees  -  Filing Procedure". 20.08.2016
8 Notice regarding Tax Matter Cases. 04.08.2016
9 Notice regarding cases of marginalized sections, crime against children, differently abled persons and senior citizens. 31.03.2016
10 Closure of High Court for first half on 09.03.2016 08.03.2016
11 Advocates are requested to supply the paper book along with status to reconstruction cell with in 15 days. 12.02.2016
12 Advocates are requested to supply paper book along with status in the mentioned cases to reconstruction cell. 06.02.2016
13 Advocates are requested to verify the final judgment and if any objection supply to reconstruction cell. 06.02.2016
14 Advocates are requested to supply final judgment in mentioned cases to reconstruction cell. 06.02.2016
15 Publice Notice regarding Destruction of case records of Civil Appeals for the years upto 1955 and for the years from 1994 to 1996 into digitized in Hon'ble Supreme Court of India. 11.12.2015
16 Request to Advocates to keep their E-mail addresses and mobile numbers updated with the Registry. 26.09.2015
17 Public notice regarding destruction of Civil Appeal for the year 1986 to 1993 in Hon'ble Supreme Court of India. 21.08.2015
18 Advertisement for the post of Director (Academics) at Chandigarh Judicial Academy, Sector 43-D, Chandigarh 01.06.2015
19 Instructions regarding complaints recieved in the High Court against the Subordinate Judiciary 21.04.2015
20 Procedure for sending request through post for supply of certified copy through V.P.P. 08.04.2015
21 Auction of Unserviceable 198 tubeless tyres of the Official/Staff Cars of this Hon'ble Court 24.03.2015
22 Final Revised Ubuntu Linux Refresher Training Program at Chandigarh Judicial Academy, Chandigarh 18.03.2015
23 Notice regarding inviting applications from the Advocates of this Court to become Mediator. 16.03.2015
24 Notice regarding auction of unserviceable/condemned items/articles. 24.02.2015
25 Enquiry in the complaints regarding modification of Lawyers Chambers without the consent of Hon’ble Building Committee, Punjab, of the Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court and approved plan and also the bungling in allotments of Lawyers Chambers Complex, Part-II at Ludhiana and other related issues. 21.02.2015
26 Notice regarding request to take delivery of prepared certified copies. 27.01.2015
27 Latest Rescheduled Ubuntu Linux Refresher Training Program at Chandigarh Judicial Academy, Chandigarh 16.12.2014
28 Revised Ubuntu Linux Refresher Training Program at Chandigarh Judicial Academy, Chandigarh 30.10.2014
29 Ubuntu-Linux Refresher Training program 2014 for all Judicial Officers - Details of composition of Batches. 13.08.2014
30 Schedule of Training Programme and Instructions to the newly recruited PCS(JB) officers in the State of Punjab. 14.05.2014

Information regarding filling of fresh LPAs/Writ Petitions of CAT Cases.


Notice regarding filing of complete paper book including Trial court/appellate court's judgment as per index in Civil Cases(except in Civil Writ Petitions) while filing process fee.

33 Notice regarding Infructuous Tax Matters 30.08.2013
34 Request to advocates to supply e-mail IDs for sending notices 08.08.2013
35 Notice regarding filling of Vakalatnama 03.08.2013
36 Notice to the venders, who have dealings with this Court, regarding payments through Bank Account . 04.05.2013
37 Notice regarding providing Class-II Individual Digital Signatures to the Member of the Bar. 18.03.2013
38 Notice regarding E-Filing of Protection Matters. 15.03.2013
39 Notice regarding collection of unclaimed prepared certified copies lying in Central Copy Branch 08.03.2013
40 Notice regarding E-Filing of Tax and Company Matters.